Hofmark Museum
The owner of the castle devoted an entire "collector's life" to the unfailing endeavour
of building up various sorted collections

The owner of the castle, patron of the arts and benefactor, Dr.iur.utr. Robert Weigand
(on the right, 85th birthday in June 2006) and Mr Lang, former District Administrator

Hofmark Museum

In January 2004, Dr.iur.utr. Robert Weigand endowed all of these partly unique and highly significant exhibits to his public non-profit

cultural foundation " Robert-F.E.-Weigand-Kulturstiftung Schloss Eggersberg" .

" Family von Bassus"
Hofmark Museum
" Art prints of the Altmühltal valley"  
" The parish of Eggersberg"  
" Rural life"  
" The Celts in the Altmühltal valley"  
" Eggersberg in the arts" and others  
  In addition to the exhibits of the "Hofmark Museum", Dr Weigand gave two more collections with exclusive and unique pieces to the foundation:
- " Hippologica , the horse in the arts" and
- " Small antiquities"
Presentation of Christ at the Temple
Small antiquities
Marble Faun, about 1st century ad

Gargoyle from Prunn Castle, mid 16th century

Hofmark Museum at Eggersberg Castle:
Presentation of Christ at the Temple, 18th century,
one of the two altar pieces from the former
Holy Cross Chapel of the ancient Eggersberg Castle
The culturally interested visitor can spend many a rewarding and worthwhile hour in the small but exquisite Hofmark Museum.
Hofmark Museum

Did you know ...

... that the smallest known dinosaur was found near Eggersberg? A model of the " Compsognathus longipes", made by the palaeontologist Prof Rutte, is on display in the Hofmark Museum.

... that the earliest discovered first bird (Archaeopteryx) lived near Eggersberg and was found in the stone quarry at Jachenhausen?

... that during the construction of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal a significant Celtic burial ground (about 7th - 6th century bc) was found at the foot of the castle rock? The exceptional findings are shown in the Hofmark Museum: the longest known and complete Celtic bronze belt, bronze melon bracelets and a beautiful brooch of a high-ranking Celtic woman.

... that some of the lords of the Hofmark Eggersberg were exceptional designers of the Bavarian history and culture? Leonhard von Eck, for example, ruled as "Täglicher Erster Rath" (First Council) over Bavaria for 35 years in the early 16th century.

The Hofmark Museum is always worth a visit! There are many important artefacts of the local history to be seen –beneath the longest limestone roof in the Altmühltal region! It is definitely worth a visit!

Opening hours :
The Hofmark Museum is open all year from 12.00 to 18.00,
except from 23 December to 8 January.
Should you find the door locked, please call at the hotel - we are happy to open it up for you!

Children (0-6 years): free
Children (6-14 years): EUR2.00
Adults: EUR4.00

Group tours (10-20 persons) possible upon request .

Special guided tours :

Short guided tour:
Castle ruin with history of the ancient Eggersberg Castle, information about the parish of Eggersberg with stop at the old presbytery and Hofmark Museum (about 2 hours)

Groups of 10-20 persons, EUR5.00 per person

Long guided tour:
Castle ruin with history of the ancient castle, old presbytery (from outside), park, tour of the castle and Hofmark Museum (about 3 hours)

Groups of 10-20 persons, EUR7.00 per person

Please contact the tenants of the hotel, family Schwarz, to arrange for an appointment:

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Email : info@schloss-eggersberg.eu
Tel. +49 9442 91870
Fax: +49 9442 918787
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