Eggersberg Ruin

The site of the old Eggersberg castle, also known as "Kirchfelsen" (Church Crag) or "Aussichtsfelsen" (Vista Rock), with its viewing platform and wonderful, expansive view into the lower Altmühl Valley, the restored remains of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which are now accessible, and the three-stage terrace in front of it, is a very romantic spot. Open-air plays are planned, and at weddings the setting offers a lovely backdrop for photographs, in short, a romantic "location".

The Counts of Hirschberg, and also the Counts of Rosenburg have been mentioned as the builders of the first stone castle. However, no exact details are recorded. From the 13th century, Eggersberg Castle was in the possession of the Dukes of Bavaria. The best known lord of the Hofmark (an area where the lord exerted simple jurisdiction) was Leonhard von Eck, doctor of canon and civil law, who ruled Bavaria as "first counsellor" for 35 years (1480 - 1550).

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